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Spring Duathlon

Join us at Corner Bar Youngsville Febuary 21st, 2016 to kickoff your race season!

11 a.m!
2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run!

K2 Coolers will be on the course and will have some give aways!

Spring Duathlon


Store will be open on Monday, closed on Mardi Gras day.


Photo c. Vivax Assist

Up until this point, the idea of mechanical doping has been dismissed by most as hilariously preposterous. Not the idea that the concept exists, but the fact that any pro would ever dare to attempt it. Products like the Gruber, now Vivax Assist that hide an electric motor inside the seat tube which powers a gear on the crank spindle have added fuel to the fire, that while preposterous, it could be possible.

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