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We’ll be riding tomorrow,

Roll out from Red’s at

>>>>>>>6:30 AM<<<<<<<

Winds: 6 mph E
Temperatures: Low 70′s
Chances of precipitation: 20%


Pinarello-f8-dogmaThanks to Pinarello’s new partnership with Jaguar, asymmetry has a new power animal. When it came time to introduce the 8th version of the Pinarello Dogma, the company not only looked to make a lighter, more efficient bike but one that was more aerodynamic as well. To do that they would enlist the help of one of the UK’s legendary auto manufacturers – fitting with the likes of team Sky. The result is a new bike that at first glance looks a bit more subdued compared to the Dogma 65.1, but is actually more asymmetric than ever.

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Time to get out of the pool!
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I’m not talking about me (although, also true).  I’m talking about the brands I work with daily. No one better represents this passion for their work than Mark Miller at Precision Bikes. After 25 years as a jeweler, Miller took the leap of faith for his love: Bicycles.

Ten years later, he has built something special in Lafayette, Louisiana.  He’s built a bike shop with a culture and community that’s infectious. So infectious, it pulls from a three state region (MS, TX, LA). Anyone can carry bicycle inventory, but you’re hard pressed to find a shop with the passion than Mark Miller brings to the bike business.

On my first trip, I caught this bug in Lafayette (as well as some po’ boys, biscuits, etoufee, etc.). Fortunately for me, Precision Bike’s digital BRAND didn’t match the unique experience Mark Miller had created when you walked through the doors of the shop. This is what I love to do–build digital brands–so I jumped at the opportunity.

This project consisted of a new digital brand and a video series.

New Digital Brand

This process started with building an entirely new responsive website. The first and most important piece of the equation is the look and feel.  One observation, I made right away is nearly every bike brand is black, white and red.  Precision had already embraced this design, so the website also carried this brand continuity.  Mark made a strategic decision not to sell online, so we wanted to make sure the page creatively showcased the inventory he had on hand, as well as the importance of stopping by the shop and joining the shop culture, hence, the imagery of the groups rides.

From an SEO perspective Precision Bikes is fortunate to have a content creating machine in the form of Ruud Vuijsters (say that 3 times fast, or just say it once, actually).  He’s blogging on a daily basis and Google loves content creators, so we made sure the blog streamed through to the home page for Google crawlers. The brands carried by the shop are also linked back to the blog. Finally, we established additional touchpoints in the form Google+ and a Youtube channel, to increase organic search traffic.

Video Creation 

Once we built the website, we wanted to begin to telling the brand stories through the use of video. I flew to Lafayette (more biscuits, boudin & cracklins, po’ boys, etc.)  and spent two days chasing Mark Miller with a video camera.  For the record, this chase begins at 4:30 am daily. I’ve included the first of a video series below: PASSION.  It’s impossible to turn on a camera and not tell Mark’s story of passion.

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After 25 years as a jewler, Mark Miller found his passion and gift in building and fitting bicycles. He started the Lafayette based Precision Bikes in 2004 and hasn’t looked back. In this short video, Mark shares his passion for bicycles and the sport of Ironman.


We’ll be riding tomorrow,

Roll out from Red’s at

>>>>>>>6:30 AM<<<<<<<

Winds: 0 mph
Temperatures: Upper 60′s
Chances of precipitation: 0%


It’s already shaping up to be an impressive week when it comes to incredible riding clips, and it looks like things will get even crazier with the introduction of Danny MacAskill’s latest project. RedBull is only showing the trailer for Danny’s Epecuén, but we can already tell it will be worth the wait. Centered on the town of Epecuén, which spent 25 years under water after extreme flooding, the project starts out with one of Epecuén’s original residents pedaling through the streets with his dog. The full length video is set to be released next Tuesday, so stay tuned…


June 1st Meet & Greet, June 3rd – July 24th Training Camp
Meeting days/times:
Every Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 – 8pm & Sunday 7:00-8:30 A.M.
Ending times flex and subject to change – to be discussed -
Racing Schedule:
4th of July Erath Race & Track Time Trial -TBACost:
$175/members – $225/nonmemers – includes camp t-shirt and running logs
Who: Kids 6th grade – ADULTS
Additional materials: GPS is recommended, but not required
Topics covered: Natural running form (barefoot running), strength training, flexibility,
phases of a running year, HR training, training zones, systems of the body
influenced by running, injury prevention, dietary concerns, etc.
To Register: or 365.2640
or with questions, Call the Coach 578-2064
Checks made out to:



201 Palmland Dr NI LA 70563

VeloDon’t miss out on this great ride! Velo Le Poste De Pointe Coupee will have a great ride with great weather!
This Sunday at Velo Le Poste De Pointe Coupee one man and one woman will be leaving with this coveted prize (arguably better than a yellow jersey!?!?). They will be selected by a semi-celebrity panel of judges, which includes a representative from Precision Bikes, Freshjunkie Racing, Corner Bar of Lafayette, Rocketkidz Foundation, and the Mayor of New Roads. For those that haven’t signed up yet, we ordered a few extra shirts in each size, but they will be first come first serve depending on when you signup on Hurry up!