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Just when you think trick progression is slowing, someone goes and sends a triple backflip! You may not have heard of New Zealand BMXer Jed Mildon before, but you have now, and I’m guessing this won’t be the last you hear or see of Jed.

We all know that when people ride bikes, life is better. In this short video, we bring this idea to life as riders trigger projectors throughout a city, transforming an urban environment into a vibrant, colorful world. A world made better, by bikes.

It’s cool little videos like this that can help to refocus on the simple joys of riding a bike. Yes, we all know they should be wearing helmets, let’s look past that for the deeper message in the video. Bikes are good, people on bikes are better, and to show your support make sure you have signed the PeopleforBikes Pledge!

Precision Bikes will be closed on
Monday May 30th 2011
Memorial Day.

There will be a group ride!

Roll out from
Red’s at

6:00 AM!!!

Winds: 7 MPH SE

Temperatures: Mid 70′s

Chance of precipitation: 10%

We’ll be riding tomorrow,



Roll out from
Red’s at

6:00 AM!!!

Winds: 3 MPH S

Temperatures: Mid 70′s

Chances of rain: 10 %

Photo Gallery: IM Texas Age Group Bikes

Athlete: Eric Bernard
Age Group: M35-39

Frame: Scott Plasma 3
Components: SRAM Red
Wheels: Zipp

To visit the site, please click here.

(Click on image for larger view)

What: Criterium Training Races for ALL.
Date: May 25th Wednesday, 2011
Time: 6:00PM Race A – Beginners Duration: 30 minutes
6:30PM Race B – Advanced Duration 60 or so minutes.
Where: Right behind Rouses there is a full .65 mile square.
Rules: Conventional Road Race Style Bicycle. No TT Bikes and you must wear a helmet. If a car happens to enter the course – everyone go neutral roll.

After years of searching for a SAFE local criterium course to mess around on, we never noticed that there was one right under our noses right behind rouses in Youngsville. The good thing about this course is you can see traffic from all angles. This is mainly for newcomers to the sport to get some confidence and feel while racing in a pack as well as improving bike handling skills. The good thing about this race is there is no definite race rules. If you get dropped, sit out a lap and jump back in.

Hope to see you there. Please park in the Rouses parking lot and not on the course. Thanks!
*The cops may or may not shut us down because we will have to breeze through one stop sign*

Dave Suter
Eric Bernard
Mike Reis
Mark Miller

Wendy Blankenship
Jimmy Bienvenu
John Fell
The Miller Family

(Thanks to GeauxRun/Edie)