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Artist Aaron Kuehn has recreated the bicycle as art,
this time in typogram style, “drawing” each part as its name spelled out.
It’s quite fetching, and looks great printed!
Each screenprint is hand pulled by the artist at Grow Your Own Media in Los Angeles.
To go to the the artist’s website, click here

Welcome to The Sufferfest’s first-ever video that tops an hour. And by topping it, they almost went all the way to an hour and a half. Local Hero is 85 minutes of high intensity, leg melting tempo racing and time trialing to turn your quads into pure steel (but not before making them feel like mush). Like the rest of The Sufferfest’s videos, this one looks to have all the requisite parts: Great music? Check. UCI race footage? Check. Immeasurable agony that compels you to do it again and again? Well, we’ll see…our copy is downloading now. We have no reason to doubt it’ll be as good as ever. There’s a reason these are our favorite training videos. Download only, $11.99 US.

March 13 2011

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Team Movistar will be the first team to use the new Campagnolo electronic gruppo which will eventually find its way Precision Bikes.
The new team will use an all Italian combination of Pinarello Dogma frames and Campagnolo components.
A short video of the first build of a Movistar frame with Campagnolo electronic.

I know Christmas has come and gone, but you still have time to buy a new race kit for yourself so you can squeeze one more gift in for 2011! That’s right, we are ready to place another order with Hincapie Sportswear for our race uniforms, which will utilize the same design from 2010.

We are going to order the Velocity line from Hincapie Sportswear, which is their Pro Level gear (same kit Team BMC uses). Despite a few minor issues last year, the Hincapie gear has been well received with great reviews from our riders, both new and experienced.

To view gear for sizing/fit information, please visit this link.

I experienced a steep learning curve last year by not charging tax and trying to make up the difference by selling extra gear to Precision Bikes customers. Bad move on my part. Our initial order was over $13,000, which went on my credit card, and I ended up $900 short somehow. So this year, I will require that all orders add 8% tax to the order total.

We must meet at least a minimum of 10 orders per item, so it is recommended that we stay with the below pieces. If there is something else you would like to purchase, email me, and I will see if there are others interested in the same option. Here are the available items and their cost….

Jersey – $89.00 ($87.00 for ladies)
Bibs – $97.00 (Bibs aren’t available for women, but shorts are $88.00)
Speed Suit – $150.00
Skin Suit (Short Sleeve) – $117.00
Wind Vest – $86.00
Gloves – $25.00
Arm Warmers – $28.00
Leg Warmers – $34.00

To place your order, please email me your items at
Please include PBR-”your first initial and last name” in the subject line.
Example: PBR-J.Meaux.
This will help me catalog all of your orders. After you send me an email, please total the cost of the above items you would like to purchase, multiply that amount times 8% for taxes and mail be a check to the below address…

Jason Meaux
105 Caroline Street
Scott, LA 70583

I plan on submitting the final order to Hincapie on January 14th, 2011, which is 10 days from now. If I don’t have your check by then, you will have to wait until the next order for gear.

Please email with any questions you may have, and I hope to see you on the road soon!

Jason Meaux

Photo credit: Tres Courdin