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Just a glimpse of what went down at closing out 2010 at Precision Bikes!

Smitty entertained us with a lecture and demonstration on ‘safe drinking’!

Shop will be open, today until 5:00PM
Closed on Friday!
Thanks to all for making 2010 another great year for Precision Bikes!!

Just turned over a quarter of a million hits on
in just under two years!
Thanks to all the visitors for your contributions
and showing interest in the happenings at and around P.B.

Happy 33rd big man, hope you have a great day and we will be seeing you on the trails shortly. Have a good one.

John celebrated his birthday with a 100 miler, surprise, surprise!
John have a great day and enjoy your day.
John is seen here slumming with Chris McCormack and Will Jones.

Currently on the floor at


“Get Fast”

Colnago Super (54) Retail: $1750.=

Colnago World Cup (56) Retail: $1800

Colnago Pista (55) Retail: $1800

Only special customers get this kind of special fitting!
Cabo Wabo Tequila, Smoke and All!!!
E.B. congrats on yet another beautiful bike!

In spite of getting older, we all stay kids at heart!
But in this shot Trevor tops them all!!!
Trevor you are our favorite Canadian and now US Citizen.
Have a great Birthday, before Santa gets here for you.