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Showing the 2011 Specialized Tarmac,
which in the Specialized Lines comes in as a race bike.
This bike retails for 2000.
The Tarmac is equipped with SRAM.

We’ll be riding tomorrow,

Saturday 08-21-2010

Roll out from Red’s at

6:00 AM

Winds: 2 MPH SW

Temperatures: Lower 80′s

Chance of rain: 10%, increasing to 20% later in the morning.

Mongoose on top of Hope Mountain – 12,600′ -
We cross this @ mile 45 and 55 during the race across the sky!

We are again doing our Sunday ride from Phil and Lynn’s home this Sunday (August 22nd). This is a RECOVERY ride (20 mph max) for a Metric.
If you want to go faster than this, there are other rides available on Sunday.
We’ll leave from and return to
107 Jehnna Dave Drive, Broussard, LA 70592

For anyone that is interested immediately after the ride we’ll gather at Phil and Lynn’s for refreshments. Please BYOB!

Ride starts at 7:00 AM sharp!!!!

Bring $, we will make 2 stops along the way for refreshments!

Please remember, this is a 20 MPH MAX ride…

RSVP and if you need directions you can reach Lynn @ 337-344-1098 or Debbie 337-277-2215

2011 Specialized Crosstrail which retails for $440.=

(Josh on the floor PRICELESS!)

2011 Specialized Roubaix with Zert Technology.
The Zerts dampen road vibration. Equipped with SRAM.
This bike retails for $2000.

Smitty checking out
-Turquoise Lake-
Part of the 100 mile course Saturday!
Keith Manuel will get up to Leadville later this week.
Precision Bikes wishes both a safe and great race!!!

The deadline for registration for the 2010 L’Eroica is 6 September. Four routes of 38, 75, 135, and 205 km are available. L’Eroica is held on 3 October and a large vintage swap meet is held the day before .

L’Eroica an event that relives the heroic age of the “Giants of the Road”. Participants ride on vintage racing bicycles and wearing the wool jerseys of bygone eras through some of the most beautiful roads of Chianti, Valdarbia and Valdorcia, with many sections of unpaved surfaces (“strade bianche”, gravel & shale roads) which makes it possible to relive the atmosphere of “heroic” times of cycling.

Over the last few years the organizers permitted all types of bicycles and particpation grew to 3,000 cyclists. The organizers decided, in 2009, to re-impose rules permitting only vintage bikes All riders must now start only with historical bikes; this “means road race bikes built before 1987, with switch lever on the oblique loom tube, toe clips and belts, external brake wires.”

Photos (above) by: Dale Brown of “cycles de ORO“, Greensboro, North Carolina.

Photo c.

Think you got a deal on your last bike? How about finding an XTR equipped BMC Fourstroke at a yardsale marked for 5 bucks? Hard to believe, yes, but it happened.
According to the Associated Press, Greg Estes of Owenton KY, picked up the bike for a measley $5 planning on reselling the bike for a couple hundred and attempting to make a profit. Greg knew the bike was worth more than $5 even with two flat tires, but had no idea just how much. The bike was custom built by Cyco-Path Bicycles out of Temecula, Calif., near San Diego specifically for Floyd Landis to race in the 2007 Leadville 100. Obviously the bikes value is closer to $8,000 or roughly 1600 times what Estes paid for the BMC.
The strange part about the story is that Estes offered the seller of the bike a percentage of the profits if he is able to sell it, but the seller denied stating “finders-keepers.” Stranger still is that apparently the seller claims to have just “found” the bike on the side of a highway in Kentucky. So I suppose it could have been the result of bike rack failure, or the product of a new highway initiative utilizing expensive bikes as mile markers.
Either way, Landis has not been able to be reached for comment while all of this comes on the heels of his broad doping allegations in the world of competitive road cycling.

Susan Hayden will be racing the Leadville 100 Mountain bike race today. Smitty is her support team.
Precision Bikes wishes Susan a safe and successful race!!!