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We’ll be riding tomorrow,

Saturday 07-31-2010

Roll out from Red’s at

6:00 AM

Winds: 5 MPH NW

Temperatures: Lower 80′s

Chance of rain: 10%, increasing to 20% later in the morning.

(Photo credit: Mark MillerTdF)

Precision Bikes -NESTLE QUICK-Time Trial


Tuesday August 3th- 2010

Saw Mill Road
(to view map, click here)
Start @6:30PM

It will be a 10 mile (5 out and 5 back) live race.
Helmet required!
No entry fee.

After a 100K stage, Mark Miller just snatched the victory ahead of George Sobiesk!

Photo by Elizabeth Kreutz

Photo by Elizabeth Kreutz via Tonic

Ever wonder about all that bling the cyclists are wearing? When the heat picks up and the jerseys get unzipped, the chains start swinging. Some have charms on them that you can’t make out what they are, but you can’t miss Lance Armstrong’s cross. As a featured columnist on Tonic, Lance writes about one of the charms on his necklace and why he wears it. Read his poignant article here.

We’ll be riding tomorrow,

Saturday 07-23-2010

Roll out from Red’s at

6:00 AM

Winds: 1MPH NNE

Temperatures: Upper 70′s

Chance of rain: 10%, increasing to 30% later in the morning.

SIDI, located in Maser (Treviso), has announced a new design for their triathlon specific shoe, the T-2 Carbon Composite. In addition to the original all white shoes, the shoes will be available in silver snake skin.

Versions of the shoes will be available for women and for MTBing.

Beyond all the technology already applied to normal Sidi Sport cycling shoes, the T-2 Carbon Composite model features air ducts on the uppers which allow for major aeration allowing the athletes’ feet to dry completely after the swimming race and permitting them to breathe as much as possible during the cycling phase and in the build up to the final run.

Big George!


Shack flash!

Traitor Bus!!!