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Meet the new Phat Cycle Fixie! 56cm.
“Flip/Flop” Hub.
Eye Catching design with Flashy rims…

Retails at: $400.=

I felt compelled to write this in response to the comment left re: the Lake Fausse Point Social Ride, though it has been on my heart on several prior occasions. No intent to unlock a discussion, though feel free to email me at: precisionbikes@gmail. com

I would like to encourage anyone to leave comments on our posts. However when criticizing, please do it in a constructive manner. When addressing someone, please do so by name, rather than by generalizing, (we have 40 or more riders wearing the ‘Precision Bikes’ kit, it does not seem right to me, assuming the actions of few, represent the entire Precision Bikes team/group). Furthermore I’d like to encourage everybody to sign with first and last name.
Also be aware of the option to address the webmaster directly by emailing at
I thank you kindly for keeping this site a friendly, informative and encouraging medium, supporting our shop and our beloved sport.


The Webmaster;)

Tony Morrow, being fitted by F.I.S.T. Certified master fitter, Mark Miller, on his brand-spanking new Mercury!
Watch out for Tony, next Tuesday, April 6th, during the
Precision Bikes -Saw Mill Road- Individual Time Trial;)

This is the Phat Cycle Stretch,
a machine so comfortable you’ll cruise from morning into sunset!

Retail $ 550.=

Precision Bikes made its presence known at the Lake Fausse Point social ride.
Word had it Jed Darby, in spite of a serious crash on Saturday, was back in the saddle!
Jed went down at about 30mph, when apparently his chain snapped and with all resistance gone, Jed flew over the handlebars and landed on his head!
Thanks God things turned out, relative alright.

It’s only the ‘young at heart’ that recover this quick;)

Early results are in!

Sean Schnur won the race with a time of 3:10, Donald Cleveland was 3rd and Neil Rome 5th, Will Jones 6th and Tim Thomas 10th.
4th Dimension fitness had 5 of the top 10 spots!
Who is your coach???

Cole Leblanc was 9th overall male and 2nd in his age group.

Jim and Jamie also placed.

More accurate results will be posted, once they come in.

Congrats to all athletes competing;)

This marks the #1000 post on !

The first posting happened on December 31st 2008
It has been a growing experience for me and I continue to learn.
I surely hope it gives as much pleasure to the visitors, as it gives to me, staying closely involved in the magnificent journey Mark Miller is on with this stellar bike-shop!

Though not all of the content is original, I hope everybody enjoys the snip-bits thrown on this site. Mainly I’d like to keep you posted on the happenings at the Precision Bikes shop and
The Precision Bikes Racing Team, The Triathlon and Ironman events and the Running events. In order to keep you entertained I post some interesting stuff, local as well as remote, either send to me or just found on the world wide web.
In the event you have any suggestions or wishes, please feel free to email the webmaster at or just leave a comment on this site, preferable with your name;)

As always, thanks so much for visiting and more important, for your ongoing support of Precision Bikes;)

Your Web Master, Ruud Vuijsters

Precision Bikes did a first ‘test-run’ of the Look Keo Fit System yesterday. The system aims to help cyclists select the best cleat, based on angular float and also to find the optimum cleat position on the shoe.
This will provide cyclists with another way of making sure they are positioned in a correct way on their bike. Often knee and/or hip problems can be caused by incorrect cleat positioning.
This aside of other ‘misfits’ of saddle height, fore/aft position of the saddle, length of the stem or height of the handlebars.
In order to check your cleats, schedule an appointment with us, by either email or phone.
Cost of the Look Keo Fit System session is $50.=

We’ll be riding tomorrow,
Saturday 03-27-2010

Roll out from Red’s at
7:00 AM
Winds: 9MPH SSE (150°)

Temperatures: Lower 50′s, reaching low 70′s midday

Chance of rain: 10%