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After an absence of about 2 years, Mims is returning to his first love. Looking for something to draft off, look for this stellar Kuota K-factor with a non- typical build cyclist….

Angelo Zomegnan (director of the Giro d’Italia) has been busy nipping in the bud any suggestions about “podium guys” at the prologue in Amsterdam. Zomegnan said, “We will choose ‘le miss’. The winner of the prologue in the next Giro will be celebrated by two podium girls selected by the race organizer of the Corsa Rosa. I don’t know anything about a contest, it’s not authorized by us. The podium girls will be Italian and we will bring them from Italy.”

Zomegnan was responding to a Dutch politician that argued that the winner of the prologue of the Giro d’Italia in Amsterdam this year should be greeted not by the usual podium girls but by podium guys. “In a city like Amsterdam, known as the gay capital, it would be nice not to have two beautiful misses, but two fine misters,” Marco de Goede of the GroenLinks party argued Wednesday at a city council meeting, according to Reuters. “Do not let a beautiful lady with long legs present the pink jersey award to the winner of the prologue, but a man with a broad chest. Or a drag queen,” he suggested. “A ‘Miss’ is hopelessly outdated and sexist.” Local TV stations and AT5 RTV Noord-Holland had organized a competition to select the possible podium presenters.


James Mattis, a member of the California Giant-Specialized cycling team, developed the DrugSearch app after seeing what his wife, Katheryn Curi-Mattis, was going through as a member of the the Webcor Builders cycling team and part of the US Anti-Doping Agency’s out-of-competition testing program.

The free app offers easy access to the WADA’s full banned substance list, including items that are banned year-round and those only banned during competition. It also lists banned methods, such as gene or blood doping, sample manipulation, etc.

The app is ad supported, so you’ll see little links, but it’s a small price to pay for such a cool gadget. Download from iTunes here.

The Olympic Winter Games
have you feel a bit more patriotic?
We got the right helmet for you!
The Lazer Tardiz TT 2010 helmet
Retails for: $175.=

Lazer Tardiz TT Helmet:
The Lazer Tardiz TT Helmet is the fruition of Lazers efforts to research and invest in new technology and innovation in order to improve helmet safety, fit and performance. The Tardiz is the first time trail helmet with multiple surface treatments for optimal aerodynamics. The front smooth glass surface provides for the best airflow and the least resistance in the area where the helmet makes contact with the air. Front vents allow for air flow into the helmet and around the head to keep the rider cool. The rear vents of the Lazer Tardiz TT Helmet allow for the heated air from the head to escape to the back of the helmet where it is trapped on the matte dimpled surface, providing for better aerodynamics at the rear of the helmet. However the aerodynamic advantage is worthless if the rider can’t stay cool. Thankfully, Lazer addresses this issue with the innovative Aquavent. Conceived while racing across the radiating lava bed roads of Kona. Aquavent is a ventilation port on the top surface of the helmet. You can use your bottle to deliver water into the Aquavent to help reduce overheating. Special perforated EVA padding allows for the water to filter down and around the head. The Lazer Tardiz TT Helmet also features the Rollsys fit system. This allows for a 360 degree fit and easy on-the-fly adjustment. Press the heat on your competition not your head with the Lazer Tardiz TT Helmet.

In store now,
a gorgeous pink camo
QR Dulce (small) Retail: $2100=

Team Miller (Mark, Smitty Smith, Eric Bernard and John Fell), enroute to Monroe, LA. They will partake in the 12mile individual time trial, tomorow morning. Wishing everybody a good race and safe travels;)

Come out and ride with the Rhino.
Roll out tomorrow morning @6:30AM, from Red’s.

She’s build,
ready to roll out the parking lot and take on any sprinter out there!
She, being a Colnago CX-1 (54cm)
Build up as followed:
Campagnolo Record 10 Speed Gruppo
Deda Quattro Stem
FSA Carbon handlebars
Blackwell Carbon Seatpost
Selle Italia Flite Seat
Mavic Ksyrium SL Wheels
Price: $7000.=

Come on by and test ride her….

Smitty ‘Mongoose’ Smith adding a gorgeous butterfly to his extensive collection!
Will it make him faster? Nah!
Prettier for sure though;)