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This is the brand spanking new 2010 QR Cd 0.1 Frameset
(frame, fork, seatpost, brakeset).
Size: Medium
Retail: $3000.=

Late last week we heard through the grapevine about a cyclist being hit on or near Saw Mill Road.
As it turns out the cyclist is Michael Fitzgerald.
Latest news has it that his recovery is coming along slowly,
though he is still in I.C.U.
Michael was hit by a car, who’s driver was blinded by sunlight and supposedly never saw the cyclist…
Precision Bikes wishes Michael a speedy recovery and hope to see him on his bike soon!

Megan Manuel, seen here in action during a fitting by Mark,
got this fine QR-Dulce as a major surprise over Christmas.
Megan has been ramping up her swim-bike-run training
and will be a force in the triathlon competition to be reckoned with soon!

Germany’s Andre Greipel has become the second rider in the 12 year history of the Santos Tour Down Under to twice claim the crown after a phenomenal performance that saw him win three of the event’s six stages and, with the support of his HTC-Columbia team, fend off all challengers.

Andre Greipel
‘Andre the Giant’ towers over rivals to claim second Santos Tour Down Under crown.

Tony Morrow, seen here in action, had the right idea!
Before ramping up for the new season, one might consider scheduling
a fitting session with F.I.S.T. Specialist Mark Miller.
During the ‘off-season’ one might loose some mobility and have a change in body weight.
A fitting session can be considered a good platform in order to prevent discomfort,
or worse, injury while increasing your training intensity.
Fitting is done by appointment only and the cost is $150.=

As some of you might have noticed, we decided to take down the
With all the different ways of getting out in cyberspace,
we’d like to opt for “easy does it”
and stick with this site, along with Mark’s Twitter,
in order to keep you posted of happenings at
If and when you have interesting material / race report you deem worthy posting,
please email this to ‘’
and it will be taken in consideration.
Thanks to those whom invested time and effort setting up
and maintaining the FB fan page;)

Just to make it a little easier to set up your bike on a trainer,
PRECISION BIKES offers a ‘ready to go wheel’.
Wheel complete with a Continental trainer tire and
Shimano 10 speed 105 cassette retails for $200.=
This way you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money,
by not having the trainer ‘eat up’ your high quality tires..

Update on the Rouge Roubaix Ride.

We meet at Precision Bikes and LEAVE for 6am, we will have a follow vehicle for the ride, bring an extra set of wheels if you have.

Bring the right gearing, at least 27-28 if you have a standard crank!

10 confirmed riders at this time.

Please bring food and drinks.

Please keep Blake in your thoughts and prayers.
Blake’s mom just past away.
As we all know, she is in a better place,
but it is so hard on the ones that stay behind…