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Santa passed by Precision Bikes and left this beauty at the shop. I have been eying this bike since I saw it first at the 2008 Interbike show in Las Vegas.
It is the Litespeed Blade, one of only 3 made and considered “prototype”.
Due to the high production cost, no more of these stealth bikes will see daylight.
Many man hours go into building a titanium aero frame like this one.
We are in the process of building her up and as soon as we can we’ll test her on the road and post results.

The new build from Litespeed is now in the shop. This is the Archon 1 which is a high modulus frame. All cables and wired through the frame. The frame is a aero road frame which will retail for $3000. Litespeed also offers the Archon 2 which is a complete bike in a couple of different builds. This frame has cables on the outside of the frame and the carbon is not high modulus. Stop by when you get a chance to view the road rocket!

Keith Pappy Manuel, Trevor Casper,The Flash Brad Delcambre and I ran Chicot today and it was a great day to be in the park. Brad is running great and so is Keith. Today was Trevor’s first ever 20 and it just goes to show how great an athlete he is! I was the guy on the back end of the group. After 4 falls and 1 missed route I was glad to see the car and head home. Keith and Brad and Smitty are all signed up for the Leadville 100 in Colorado, so the training has begun!

Photo credit: Angiographer
Worried about the new health care plan???
Get a bike from PRECISION BIKES and get on it….!!!

This is the 2010 Specialized Aero Helmet. Slick disign incorporating front and rear ventilation slots.
Retail: $250.=


Yea he is old but he still can (ride) walk!

Just want to express my sincere thanks to all the support you have given me! It has made the travel through this rough spot in my life journey lighter. Hope to see you out on the road soon.
Merry Christmas+Happy New Year from the one-armed part-time webmaster Ruud;)

Hope everyone has a great Christmas with their family. I would personally like to thank everyone for all the support this year. My customers are the ones who make Precision Bikes go. Have a joyous Christmas. Thanks again, Mark Miller

Jaxon Drake Suter was born Dec. 21st and weighed in at 7lbs 1 oz. Both baby and Brenna are doing well. Dave now has enough boys for a Tri Relay team. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your gift from God.