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This gorgeous disc wheel arrived last Wednesday afternoon at PRECISION BIKES and found it’s way quick to the new owner and his LOOK 596 TT bike!

Ghibli™ Ultra™wheels feature totally unique designs and geometries: the convex lens profile typical of these wheels makes it possible to achieve ideal airflow passage on the sides by generating minimum aerodynamic resistance.
The rigidity is obtained by using a tensile structure made of aramidic fibre derived from aerospace technology.

We’ll be riding tomorrow
SUNDAY 11-29-2009
At 6:30 AM
Temperatures: Lower 50′s
Winds: 6MPH ESE
10% Chance of Precipitation
Mostly Cloudy

This Saturday only, Precision Bikes is blessed to have the top mechanic in Louisiana,
Jason Meaux assisting our customers!
Jason has tremendous experience working with Campagnolo, Shimano and Sram and a great spectrum of road- and time trial bikes.

Jason has gathered knowledge and expertice globally!

There’s no job that goes beyound Jason’s ability.

We’ll be riding tomorrow,

Saturday 11-28-2009

Roll out from Red’s at 6:30 AM

Winds: 4MPH ESE (110)

Temperatures: Lower 40′s

Chance of rain: 0%
Guest apperance: Dionne Sonnier

Mark Miller’s position and Ceepo Viper being tweaked by aero-dynamics guru John Cobb.
Mark has been a journey-man under John Cobb since the mid 90′s and still collaborates with John Cobb when it comes to advancing knowledge and insight in the ongoing progression of technology and aero-dynamics.
This implements that Precision Bikes is not just a shop selling bikes… we present you with first hand knowledge about race- and wind-tunnel experience, bike fitting and positioning.
At Precision Bikes we invest in a continuation of furthering ourselves, in order to make you faster and serve you to the best of our ability!

wishes everybody a
We’d like to give THANKS to all our patrons,
your ongoing support has allowed PRECISION BIKES to continue to grow
and become an unmistakable icon in the South!

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New from two members of the Rollapaluza crew is FIXED, a “high quality photo-driven book about the fixed wheel bicycle, unlike other fixed culture publictions and blogs it has a lot on the history of the bicyle and racing as well as the modern trend of fixed wheel riding.”

It’s available on for $16.47 (MSRP is $24.95).

Check out some of the pages after the break… (more…)

MARK MILLER shaving seconds with his CEEPO VIPER.
Under supervision of aero-dynamics guru John Cobb in the Texas A&M wind-tunnel.

Bicio recently launched their iPhone mount for the bike called the GoRide.

It uses a case for the phone (that can be left on as a protective case) that mounts into a bracket that’s zip-tied to your handlebar, stem or frame. It’s designed to hold it securely and within easy viewing and reach, and the design is open so that you can easily control the phone.

At $29.95 USD MSRP, it’s the least expensive mount we’ve seen that’s made specifically for bicycles, and you can get additional brackets for $9.99 so you can easily swap between two or more bikes.

For more info click here