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If interested in a 100 mile (or shorter) ride around Alexandria
Saturday morning 8-01-2009
please meet @ 4:30 AM in Red’s parking lot.
Angie can be reached @ 298-9334
in the event you have any questions

There will also be a ride
leaving from Red’s parking lot
Saturday morning @ 6:00 AM

Both, Mark and I had the pleasure of viewing this movie “A Ride with George”
(thanks Jason)
We came away with a renewed and increased respect for George Hincapie.
Especially for those whom don’t know what to watch on TV
since the Tour de France is done with,
this DVD is highly recommended to learn more about this incredible person,
who is only 2 Tour de France races away of tying the record 16
complete TdF races set by Dutchman Joop Zoetemelk

You make it worth while!
Sneak Preview September Issue Triathlete Magazine

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Do you see Eric Bernard in the pack???

Conclusion of the Tour de l’Abitibi

Overall it was an awesome experience. Once again, my eyes were opened to how many people are faster and stronger than me. I was extremely happy with my 10th place time trial but extremely disappointed at how badly I had done in the road races. I learned a lot from the week. How to handle myself in a 120+ rider field, how to work the caravan, how to push riders around and avoid accidents in the dry and rain. The racing was extremely fast. Nothing in LAMBRA even compares to how hard this race was. Our finishing circuits were faster than the MSGP Friday night crit. I have a lot of work to do to be the best and a lot of hard hours in the saddle. I also need a lot more big race experience. Racing with guys from Japan and Thailand and Denmark and Austria and all over the world was awesome. Communication was hard sometimes but most of the people spoke a little English so it all worked out. It was awesome, just awesome.

I’ll be home Tuesday and will be leaving for nationals in Bend, OR Wednesday morning. Hopefully I’ll have better luck there. I’ll be writing reports from nationals also if anyone is interested.

Brian Rizk