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A leg that’s free from hair moves swiftly through the air

Non-cyclists simply don’t understand why many male bikers shave their legs. The most used excuse is the aerodynamic benefit of baldness. Oops! While leg shaving makes your muscles look nicer and road rash easier to clean, no academic study shows any kind of significant advantage in terms of speed.

But before you bin the razor, the same is not tr ue if you plan on dabbling in triathlons. Given that water is around 1,000 times denser than air, the resistance hairy legged athletes face when swimming is more of an issue. Several studies have proven that body hair removal can reduce the drag effect significantly. One study even found that swimmers achieved 10 per cent greater distance with each stroke.

A Run-Down Of The National Championships

Boonen finally gets his win. Gilbert second. More on that below.

Koos Moerenhout took his second title in three years. He jumped out of the leading group inside the final kilometer, thwarting the best Dutch sprinter at the moment, poor Kenny Van Hummel. Van Hummel must have been tasting the red, white, and blue colors. He had to settle for 2nd.

Pippo Pozzato picked up his first ever Italian National Championship. He beat out poor, I get second a lot, Damiano Cunego for the title in a select group sprint.

Dimitri Champion left his breakmates behind on the final climb about 4k from the finish. He left behind his favored ProTour break companions, BOTH from FdJ to take the win. Ouch.

Another surprise in Germany – neo-pro Martin Reimer of Cervelo was the happy benefactor of a miserable war between Milram and Columbia. Both teams played a nasty, negative race, and both teams came out utterly empty-handed.

Fabian Cancellara took his first ever Elite Swiss National Championship on the road. BMC was great with 2nd and 3rd.

Kurt Asle Arvesen got another Norwegian National Championship – this was #3. Hushovd was 3rd.

Sergei Ivanov took a dominant win to repeat last year’s feat.

Ruben Plaza (Liberty Seguros) continued the ProTour upset ways of the weekend with the win. Zaballa (Fercase) was 2nd, Astarloza was 3rd – first from the ProTour. Valverde was 4th.

Andy Schleck took a hugely dominant victory with a nearly 2 minute margin over second place Laurent Didier. Frank Schleck rounded out the podium in 3rd.

Matti Breschel took his first ever Elite Danish National Championship. As expected, SaxoBank ruled the roost – they swept the podium.

Marcus Ljungqvist took the day in Sweden.

Rein Taaramae did the Tour predictions good with a double this weekend: he won both the TT and RR. Watch this guy!

Eating is cheating

It seems logical that your body will be in a fasted state if you do your exercise before breakfast and, without food to burn, it’ll set upon the spare tyre round your midriff instead. Not true. Well, at least it’s not true that your spare tyre will diminish any more quickly than if you do your exercise at any other time. “It’s a pretty straightforward equation,” says sports nutritionist Karen Reid. “You eat a certain amount of calories per day and exercising burns some of those calories, regardless of when you do it. If you cycle in the morning, you may burn fat, but you’ll add the calories back throughout the rest of the day.”

With that myth busted, early morning cycling may even be best avoided. Statistically, it’s the most common time for suffering heart attacks and strokes during exercise.

2009 European championships: Tom Boonen (Quick Step) wins in Belgium.
2009 European championships: Tom Boonen (Quick Step) wins in Belgium.
Photo: AFP

Tom Boonen (Quick Step), whose participation in the next Tour de France may depend on a court order, won the Belgian road cycling championships on Sunday.

The 28-year-old outsprinted Philippe Gilbert and Kristof Goddart to claim his first national title as an elite on an undulating 234km course that some felt would not favor the big rider’s strengths.

“Philippe was the strongest today,” said Boonen. “I had no legs but I raced with my head. I am especially happy for my team, which did a great job.”

Now Boonen must wait to see whether a court will overturn a decision by Tour de France organizers to bar him from this year’s race over an out-of-competition positive for cocaine.

The results are in.
John Fell 4:43
Jeremy Johnson 4:46
Adam Morgan 5:07
Dodd Foreman 5:34
Stephen Anson 5:39
Dave Suter 6:20
Jared Quoyeser and Daniel Redifer both flatted out of the race.
They said temps were in the 80’s
of course the wind blew and some rain came down.

Congrats to all the racers!

Mark is seen here, adjusting the computer wiring,
while Jared’s crankarms/pedals are flying at 95+ RPM!